Robotic chef that cooks one pot meals!

Fresh and new recipes

Meals from your favorite chefs


Control and choose the ingredients that goes into your meals!

Easy to Use

Place the tray in the device. One pot meals at the touch of a button!

Clean and Minimalistic Design

When you think of cooking, it is more or less of preparing ingredients, actual cooking, cleaning, a total messy affair. With Autochef, one step loading ingredients to dishwasher safe and easy to clean parts. Its literally homemade healthy organic food when you think about it at a touch of a button!

More than 100+ recipes

With the Patent Pending technology, Autochef is capable of making more than 100 dishes and counting. Now anyone can upload their secret recipes and their food will be available across the world. Choose your spice levels to each and every single ingredient that goes in your meals. Anything from Chicken, mutton, beef, fish to paneer, tofu and vegan dishes, from curry to roast or from stew to stir fry. Any dish you want, however you want it, when you want it. The sky is the limit!

Tasty, Healthy & Fresh

Have fresh, hot meals served right on time. Made from the healthiest organic ingredients, fresh and delivered right to your home. Autochef can make from recipes of chefs from around the world to even your own mom's secret recipe. Healthier alternative for you and for your family!

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